Streaming Apps And Games

There is a lot of chance for getting banned in many streaming applications as well as games.

If you have any information gaming series just get their aspects for returning funds through gaming disasters. Pc games are popular since the first game was made in 1958. Kids love to play games because games give them full enjoyment in different ways.

Advantages Of Games

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of games but we are going to list some of them here in the article.

  • Social connections
  • Kids minds become creative
  • Helps in reading
  • Online friendships
  • Games are giving real money nowadays
  • Career making opportunities
  • High-level mentality
  • Increase in confidence level
  • Problem-solving skills

Tekken 6

Tekken 6 game was developed in 2007 with a lot of action and thrills in the installment. It was the first PlayStation production that was made in three software at that time. It does not get popularity as compared to another version of this game. There is a great bounce system created from this release but it got the push in Tekken 7 as compare to the 6th version.

GTA Vice City

GTA vice city game rocks in many ways I don't think there will be not any kid who doesn't know about this installment. There are a lot of different cars available in the installment that you can enjoy anywhere in the product. You can jump over the buildings through cars on the slides by pressing the speed button in the installment.

If you want to download this for your computer or mac you need to go into google and type the name of the game. The rating of the product was on fire after its launch on the internet on different websites like the GamesRadar and many others. IGN also said that its rating is 10/10 by different users and was at the top at that time as compared to all other releases.

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas game was released in 2004 after Vice city it was one of the best PC games in 2004. Many TV shows talk about this game in their streaming I was watching this game ad on Teatv apk in 2009 that kids are playing day and night this game. There is a great online system available in the product means you can play this installment with players from all around the world.

Every player has its own skills of shooting you can get popularity from different countries while playing this game. There is a shooting style in which you can use c bug with pistol desert eagle all the professional players were using that gun. You can also use the shotgun in the product that has a massive force and can easily kill your opponent.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch dogs 2 game was released in 2016 and become the star of that year. This was the most shining and evergreen game that people are still playing in 2k20 because of its great graphics and gameplay. Ubisoft is popular for many developments of games in the past and also one of the best gaming development organizations of all time.

You have to use a good PC to run this game smoothly on your PC because its graphics are awesome. You need a good graphics card to run this product at least you must have gtx650 then you can run this perfect.


Minecraft was released in 2009 and it becomes the most favorite game on the internet. It was developed by Mojang but owned by Microsoft in 2014. It was sold 180 million copies in 2019 report of all time in-game people need to break the blocks to collect their powers and things. There are many modes like survival mode in which players need to survive from other players to kill them with their own techniques.

You can see there are millions of people who are watching this game on youtube. As a big gaming channel post its video, not more than one day it is getting around 4 to 5 lac views in 10 hours. That means this game has potential and also many people coming day by day to this game.

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